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Why is Breastfeeding at Victoria’s Secret Such a Big Deal?

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Perhaps it is the corporate policy of Victoria’s Secret to allow mothers to nurse in their stores, but left to the individual employee, how could they allow it? A nursing mother threatens the very foundation upon which Victoria’s Secret stands: the objectification of women. Now, some might counter that Victoria’s Secret is just trying to help women feel beautiful and sexy. But if this is true, then why do they blatantly display posters of women of unobtainable physical dimensions? Why do they print their logo smack dab on the backside of a woman’s pants so that men’s eyes are drawn to them?

Please visit Family Honor to read the rest of this post at Family Honor is a great organization dedicated to promoting chastity education in the family.

Author: mgagnon181

I am a passionate Catholic, husband and a father of four kids. I have been a Catholic youth minister, writer and speaker for over 18 years and have earned a Master's in Theology with a minor in Philosophy. Through many years of struggle I've come to embrace my awkwardness and use it to the best of my ability to share my faith with others. God has blessed me with the gift of faith and has called me to serve him by serving young people and families and to help them encounter Christ in their lives. As Leon Bloy once said, "At the end of life there is only one great tragedy, not to have been a saint."

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