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Repost of a Friend’s Trump Blog


Hi all,

A dear friend of mine posted an amazing blog about Trump, expressing much more eloquently than I could, why I cannot support Trump. Please follow the link below if you’re interested.


God bless,

Michael Gagnon

Author: mgagnon181

I am a passionate Catholic, husband and a father of four kids. I have been a Catholic youth minister, writer and speaker for over 18 years and have earned a Master's in Theology with a minor in Philosophy. Through many years of struggle I've come to embrace my awkwardness and use it to the best of my ability to share my faith with others. God has blessed me with the gift of faith and has called me to serve him by serving young people and families and to help them encounter Christ in their lives. As Leon Bloy once said, "At the end of life there is only one great tragedy, not to have been a saint."

2 thoughts on “Repost of a Friend’s Trump Blog

  1. We all know this is not a 3 way race, so I find it rather irresponsible to be promoting Catholic voters to vote 3rd party. Our chance to have kept Trump from entering office was in the primary not now.

    As Fr. Rev. Lankeit put it:
    ” if you DO know which candidate and party want to promote and expand abortion, and you still intend to enable them to continue their war on the unborn with your vote, then it is my duty as a priest to tell you that your soul will be in grave danger, especially if you present yourself for Holy Communion after casting such a vote with the full knowledge of what you’re doing.”

    Full article here:

    As far as Trump’s recent remarks about women, I can only point to what Fr. Pavone had to say about it:

    “…the qualifications needed for signing the right kinds of legislation or nominating the right kinds of justices do not involve what lewd comments one may or may not have made. They involve, rather, actually being voted into the Oval Office. …A vote is not a character endorsement or the passing of some kind of virtue test. A vote means that of the current viable options, this is the person most likely to advance the common good. …This is an emergency moment for our nation, and there are only two options right now for who will take the helm. Beggars can’t be choosers. …..It is easy to focus on the faults and positions of a candidate, but we also have to consider whom they bring with them into power. When we vote for a President, we vote for a party and for a whole army of people, many of whom will be ten times stronger and more qualified on the issues than the President him or herself — and will lean ten times harder in the direction of the party platform.”

    Full article here:

    Finally, how can we presume to know God’s will and possible plan in these circumstances that we find our country. I think all of us need to reflect on that. We need to stay away from any rash judgements about a broken instrument of a man as Trump is and instead reflect on what’s God’s merciful plan may be. No one is irredeemable while they are still alive. If it helps, read the following written by Isaac the Syrian (7th century), monk near Mosul, Sentences 117,118:

    “Do not nurture hatred for sinners; all of us are guilty. If you accuse him for love of God, weep over him. Why should you hate him? His sins are what need to be hated as you pray for him, if you want to be like Christ. Far from being angered by sinners, he prayed for them (Lk 23,34)… What reason is there, then, for you to hate the sinner, mere man that you are? Is it because he is without your virtue? But where is your virtue if charity is lacking?”

    So, to me the case is clear in this election at this point in October. There is only one pro-life ticket and I don’t see the ambiguity there. Our Lord would want us to protect human life. If it were a 3 way tie, then I wouldn’t be posting this.

    God bless

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