Awkward Catholic

Living my faith as the awkward man of God that I am.

My Favorite Links

Below are some of my favorite sites for faith, fun and inspiration:

Meg Hunter-Kilmer’s Blog (one of my dearest friends and inspirations)

Murder Mystery Parties and Board Games (written by myself and friends)

Fr. Robert Barron (other than Tom Neal, I have yet to find someone else able to explain and teach at such a profound intellectual level, yet also make it intelligible for the average person)

The Integrated Catholic Life

Couple to Couple League: Building joyful marriages by teaching Natural Family Planning, couple to couple.

Family Honor: Promoting and providing a Catholic centered family approach to chastity education.

Tom Neal (one of my role models for a faithful Catholic intellectual)

Men Without Walls (a great place for men looking for community and support in their lives)

Catholic Answers: the 1st place I go when a teen asks me a Catcholic question I can’t answer.

Movie Reviews by a nun!

The United States Council of Catholic Bishops (the Catechism, the Bible, movie reviews and so much more!)

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