Awkward Catholic

Living my faith as the awkward man of God that I am.


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As a youth and young adult minister I have been speaking to teens, young adults and parents for over 15 years. I would be happy to come speak to your group, no matter if its five people or 500. I am happy to give a brief presentation, a whole weekend retreat or anything in between. To book me, please contact my booking coordinator at

I speak on a wide array of faith based topics such as morality, faith, hope, the love of the Father, marriage and Theology of the Body, Confirmation, social justice and more.

Some of my talks include:

  • The Love of the Father: Who is this Father who loves us? Why does he love you? What does this love mean for you and your life? Every star in the sky hints at the Father’s inestimable love for you, not humanity but for you.
  • The Eucharist – Source and Summit: Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Is it even possible to have a real relationship with him? Our faith tells us this is true but so often, so many people walk through life simply going through the motions. And yet this world-changing relationship is right at our fingertips, literally when we attend Mass and receive Communion. Our faith, all that we are as Catholics flows from the Eucharist and all that we do and hope leads us back to the Eucharist. His real presence changes everything, elevates our faith from one of many faiths to the one true faith and welcomes all, slave or free, Jew or Greek, man or woman, saint or sinner.
  • Where We Serve – Why We Serve: A discussion on the practical and spiritual nature of the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching and how to foster a spirit of discipleship through service in the hearts of teens. I provide resources for finding and creating service opportunities as well as practical theology and methodology on fostering a servant’s heart in the teens we serve.
  • Preparing for Marriage: A discussion for young adult men on how to develop a solid foundation on which to build a solid marriage.
  • The Still Small Voice: A witness on learning to hear the still small voice of God in your life and responding to his call with a generous heart.
Speaker Fee Schedule  
Keynote presentation (up to 90 minutes) $100
Keynote presentation with Maria $125 + childcare
Follow up presentation $50
Multi-day presentations* $100 + $50 for each additional day
Half-day retreat $200
Full-day retreat $300
Weekend retreat $500
Transportation and expenses Negotiable

* Multi-day presentations are the same presentation given to different groups and/or different locations.

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